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This winter, the pandemic has limited our opportunities to toe the line together. Here is a unique challenge that can be done as a solo effort in collaboration with Addison County ski areas toward a common goal: Ski as much as possible for 12 hours! 


This challenge encourages athletes to reach beyond just the race course trails to further corners of their favorite ski areas and highlights a different kind of fitness. How many ski races take 12 hours? 


The challenge is simple: Ski as much distance and vertical as you can in 12 hours. Once you start, the 12 hour clock starts. If you start at 6:02 AM, then the clock stops at 6:02 PM. All distance and vertical must be self propelled. Chair lifts, ski joring, and car towing don't count. This challenge is free for everybody. 


You do not have to ski continuously for 12 hours. You are welcome (and encouraged) to take breaks, have lunch, nap, get a haircut, watch some cartoons.... whatever. Stay healthy and safe. 

Where: Rikert Nordic Center, Blueberry Hill Outdoor Center, Catamount Trail, Middlebury Snow Bowl


*If you are skiing at Rikert Nordic Center or the Middlebury Snow Bowl, you must follow their COVID protocols. In addition, you must purchase a ticket or have a season pass. And, everyone must make a reservation prior to showing up at the area. To purchase a ticket and/ or make a reservation, go HERE


*If you are skiing on the Blueberry Hill Outdoor Center trails, accessing the trails from other locations you must follow their COVID policies, which can be found HERE. Anyone planning on parking a car at Blueberry Hill, or planning to stop in the Outdoor Center for restrooms or snacks must complete a pre-arrival COVID registration formIMPORTANT: If your car will be in the parking lot after 5 pm any night please notify the Outdoor Center directly: 


**Blueberry Hill does not have trail fees; please consider making a $10 trail use donation to support their commitment to provide trail access to all.

Challenge categories - choose the one(s) that make sense for you: Total distance, Vertical feet climbed, family group total distance/ vertical, Backcountry distance (for this challenge, backcountry is any non-groomed trail), Skate distance, Classic distance, Ski your age in distance, 2-person team total distance/ vertical, Distance skied in costume 


Community goals: Let’s see if, together, we can ski 1200k and an Everest (29,028 feet climbed) 


Tracking: If you have a fitness watch or smartphone app (Garmin, Strava, etc.), you can use that. If you don't have a fancy watch or a fancy phone, please use trail maps or other maps in order to make a best guess on distance. 


Date: You must complete the challenge during the 3-day period beginning on Friday, March 12th and ending Sunday, March 14th 

Aid: Rikert Nordic Center and Blueberry Hill Outdoor Center will have maps with pre-measured loops you can use to help keep track of distance. Blueberry Hill will also have a table next to the trail where you can store snacks and liquids for yourself. (Please make sure they are labeled.) *If you are crazy enough to try to ski as close to 12 hours as possible, you must have a support crew. Again, stay healthy and safe! 

Thanks to all our participants. We skied 948km and climbed 35,665 vertical feet!

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